Magnet large rotary drive drum for heavy-duty, high-volume ferrous recovery

Model No. : GT
Brand Name : JSYY/EJET

US $ 3000

Magnetic dry Drum Separators in Complete dust protecting house

Model No. : HDMS
Brand Name : JSYY/EJET

US $ 1200

Permanent Rotating Drum Magnet with Housing For Fine Particles

Model No. : DMS
Brand Name : JSYY

US $ 5600

Permanent Rare Earth Drum Magnet Supplier in China

Model No. : CT56
Brand Name : JSYY

CNY ¥ 2300

ferrous and non-ferrous tiny fragments recovery system

Model No. : ECS-150P
Brand Name : JSYY

US $ 20000

powerful dry type beneficiate iron ore magnetic equipment

Model No. : BMS-2R
Brand Name : JSYY

US $ 5000

Suspended Magnetic Drum Separator for Waste Management

Model No. : SXGT-0810
Brand Name : JSYY

US $ 4460

High intensity magnetic roller separator

Model No. : DM36
Brand Name : JSYY

magnetic roller, drum magnetic separator,drum separator

Brand Name : JSYY
Country of Origin : China