High Efficiency Trommel Screen For Soil Separation

High Efficiency Trommel Screen For Soil Separation

Model No.︰GTS

Brand Name︰Fushun Ejet

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 6300 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Are you in search of an efficient and versatile solution for your material screening and separation needs?
1. Low operating costs.
3. Capable of working in the most extreme conditions and environments.
3. Optional vibrating Grid.
4. Heavy-duty trommel barrel.
5. Adjustable screening angle. (According to your request)

Our Trommel screening specialists supply complete turnkey Trommel solutions tailored to your specific process and plant requirements

Look no further than the Trommel Screen Separator Machine by EJETMAGNET!

The Trommel Screen Separator Machine is a versatile piece of equipment designed for material screening and separation, with a wide range of applications across various industries.



Robust Design for Durability

EJETMAGNET's Trommel Screen Separator Machine is built with a rugged and durable design, ensuring its longevity even in demanding applications. The sturdy construction makes it ideal for various industries.
Versatile Screening:
This machine is a true workhorse, capable of efficiently screening a wide range of materials, from aggregates and construction debris to municipal waste and recyclable materials.

Variable Drum Speed
It features an adjustable drum speed to suit different material types and sizes, enabling you to achieve the desired screening results. This flexibility is a valuable asset in ensuring efficient separation.

Customizable Drum Openings
The Trommel Screen Separator Machine can be tailored to your specific needs. With customizable drum openings, you have control over the size of materials that pass through, allowing precise screening.

Optimized Material Separation
This machine excels in separating fines, oversize particles, and other unwanted materials. The Trommel design ensures effective material separation, promoting cleaner end products.

Low Maintenance
EJETMAGNET's Trommel Screen Separator Machine is engineered for minimal maintenance. It incorporates user-friendly features that simplify upkeep and reduce downtime.

High Throughput
With its large screening area and efficient operation, this machine offers high throughput, making it suitable for applications with significant material volumes.

The GTS Series Trommel range is highly flexible with multi-purpose screening ideal for applications such as topsoil, recycling, composting and waste. Designed for maximum productivity, it includes heavy-duty construction design and zero spillage. The GTS series is available as a mobile unit fit with Tracks or Wheels or as a Static unit.

The Trommel Screen Separator Machine finds its application across various industries, including but not limited to:

Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling
Aggregate Processing
Compost Production
Municipal Solid Waste Sorting
Scrap Metal Recovery
Soil Screening

Particle materials classification process for various industries. Such as:

Model Power (kw) Drum Diameter (mm)
Drum Length (mm)
Screen Size (mm) Dimension (mm)
GTS1020 3 1000 2000 3-10 3000*1400*2145
GTS1225 4 1200 2500 3-10 3460*1400*2145
GTS1530 5.5 1500 3000 3-10 4460*1900*2820
GTS1545 7 1500 4500 3-10 5960*1900*3080
GTS1848 11 1800 4800 3-10 6500*2300*4000
GTS2055 15 2000 5500 3-10 7500*2500*4000

Packing & Shipping
1. Packing: Export packing

2. Shipping time: 40 days after receiving the deposit




Ejet had been in this field for 17 years since 2006. We are the leading manufacturer in Asia. with rich experience.

We had very good cooperation with famous universities, such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai second technology University, Northeast University and scientific establishments.



Engineers are accounted 20% of the total people in Ejet, the stable team keeps developing and perfect quality.



Some engineers had more than 30 years experience with magnetic separators and eddy current separators, we were the leading engineer for eddy current separators in China. Products are widely used in the recycling and mining industries.



The products are widely used in mining, plastic recycling, metal recycling and E-waste recycling. And had been exported to more than 40 countries.



The contract is not the beginning of the cooperation, Ejet worries about what customers worry about. Customer service is 24 hours online.

And we had a spare parts store for each customer.


More Information About Ejet Magnet

This was in 2004, when our founder, Mr. Wang, first used magnetism knowledge to make research and designed the first set eccentric pole eddy current separator in China. Thus we are fully aware of this responsibility in sorting resources field for nonferrous metal.

In the year 2006, with 25 years of magnetic experience, Ejet Magnet was Established. Keeping improvement for all kinds of magnetic separators, to provide high-quality and high-performance products is our own responsibility, moreover, offering the best solution and the most effective service is one of the higher-standard targets we are pursuing. Ejet has a strict quality control system for raw materials inspection, producing quality inspection, and machine testing.

With 4 members team, in the beginning, Ejet has grown through continuous product innovation and worldwide expansion to over 5000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 100 employees.

The main products eddy current separators, magnetic separators, sensor sorters and AI technology machines for recycling industries had been exported to more than 50 countries.

Materials testing and machines OEM could be available for better solutions for metal recycling, plastic, glass cullet, construction waste, incineration bottom ash, Aluminum, and E-waste recycling. Also for food, chemical, and lithium battery industries.

Ejet after-sales service promises that within 15 minutes we will make a response to the customer. On the condition that some problems cannot be solved by calls or call videos, engineers are available to serve overseas.

Each Perfect Separation is EJET's commitment to you! We constantly pay attention to your separation result.

Ejet had been focused on magnetic separator design, and manufacturing for more than 17 years with rich experience. Ejet has been dealing with the construction of machines for bulk material handling.

Ejet® is a One-stop Source for Recycling Equipment used in Material Recovery Facilities, conveyors, Screening, and Magnetic Technology for all kinds of industry fields: Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR). Municipal Solid Waste. Incineration Bottom Ash. Mining Magnet.


1.  Q: What kind of metal is the eddy current separator applied to?

A: Eddy Current Separator suitable for aluminum, copper, and brass.etc non-ferrous scraps separation from non-metal materials of size >3mm.


2.  Q: Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

A: In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material`s situation. Including the composition, size, handling capacity and expected separation result.


3.  Q. What is the MOQ of your machine?

A: Our MOQ is 1 set


4.  Q: What are the pros and cons of a concentric pole rotor compared with and eccentric rotor design?

A: The eccentric type is much more suitable for the complicated material situation, The eccentric rotor design reduces long-term wear due to heated ferrous build up, and can effectively avoid the device damage caused by impurity ferrous metal.
Exclusive the ferrous influence, the concentric type has a little bit better separation effect but must make sure no ferrous exist.


5.  Q. How long is the machine warranty period?

A: the product warranty period is 12 months

For details, or for longer the machine Warranty Period.

Price Terms︰ FOB CIF DAP DDP

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA

Packing︰ Export Packing

Lead Time︰ shipped within 30days after get the deposit

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