ferrous alloys copper brass nonferrous metal impurity removal from glass cullet

ferrous alloys copper brass nonferrous metal impurity removal from glass cullet

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Product Description

Magnetic Eddy Current Separator in waste Glass Recycling refers to removal ferrous and non-ferrous metallic impurities e.g. iron aluminum(nonferrous) lids ,caps ,foil ,twist-off tops , aluminum window frames sealants spacer sash frame waste from crushed broken waste bottle insulated panels glass products (glass doors & windows) cullet flakes scraps







Key part of the processing to remove all the metallic contamination in glass recycling .

1- iron removing by suspended overbelt magnetic separator , magnetic pulley and Drum Magnet .

2- non-ferrous metals removing by durable Eccentric Pole Eddy current separator ,

those magnetic eddy current separators are essential for separation ferromagnetic / non-ferrous metallics in plastics, glass cullet, electronic scrap, automobile shredder residue (ASR), boiler bottom ash, spent foundry core sand, municipal solid waste (MSW), co-mingled recyclables, urban wood waste and mixed metals processing plant ,offer a cost effective method of recovering up to 98% of valuable material from waste scaps. It also improves the purity of non-ferrous auto scrap up to 98-99%.Widely used for aluminium, copper, zinc ect nonferrous metal recovery from a variety of conveyed dry waste materials .

Magnetic metallic Separation devices : a wide variety of Eletric and permanent Magnetic Separators (e.g.  permanent magnetic pulley, self-cleaning overband suspension magnets unit and robust powerful Rare Earth magnetic drums) to capture and hold ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless steel from the mixture , offer the highest separation efficiency along with outstanding functionality and robustness.

Suspended Electric / permanent Magnet Magnetic Drum Separation Feeders


Alloys copper brass aluminum nonferrous metallic waste Separation devices : 

The eccentric pole eddy current separator for recoverable non-ferrous metals such as aluminum beverage cans copper content, zinc plate, brass etc sorting .the recyclable material could got highest yields and purity levels 


Company Profile

As a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of quality metal separation machine and other back-up equipment , we has always been various industries for metal solution , not only unit machine but whole processing system .

With years of design and manufacturing expertise ,We are constantly seeking new way trying to fit all customer`s requirement. we serve with more efficient production, safer product and an untarnished reputation.
By greater functional reliability and sturdy construction, Fushun Ejet Magnetics products have become leader in the field of Eddy Current Separator ,Permanent Magnetic Equipment, Electromagnetic Equipment,sensor Stainless steel Sorter , Screen Equipment , conveyors unites and Mineral processing Equipment in China and all over the world .


Typically applications where Magnetic Eddy Current Separator are used for
* Recovery of iron and steel scrap using shredder systems for shredded mixture scraps
* separation and sorting for every task in Auto shredder residue: ASR
* Recovery of non-ferrous metals for recycling & secondary smelting foundry residues
* Effective recovery & quality improvement of aluminium scrap (twitch and zorba )
* ICW Insulated Cable recycling: Optical sorting technology for recycling cables
* Separation & sorting through all fractions in electrical scrap
* Automatic sorting ferrous and Non-ferrous valuable materials from household and commercial solid waste and incineration bottom ash in wast-to-power plants
* Sorting & recycling of valuable materials from construction and demolition waste
* Plastic /glass sorting equipment for metal impurity removal


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