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The presence of harmful metals in scrap plastic is a critical concern for plastic granulation and plastic flake recycling businesses.

Thus, devising efficient methods to separate such metals is essential in enhancing plastic recycling efficiency.


Solutions Tailored for Our Clients


With 18 years of expertise in metal recycling, EJET Magnet in-depth technical customization for the characteristics of different industries and various scenarios.

By implementing EJET's metal separator system into your PET plastic washing line, you'll experience a significant boost in efficiency and obtain superior quality, clean plastic flakes.

Our goal is to provide the very best solutions for our clients, aiding in the acquisition of high-quality,manufacture-ready polymers.

Transforming plastic waste into new plastic pellets necessitates the elimination of all metals and other impurities. Metals typically found in plastic waste comes from components like aluminum caps,aluminum pull tabs, iron lids, stainless steel spring check valves,and foil labels. Diverse recycling equipment is required to remove these different types of metals.



To tackle black metal debris, including elements like iron caps and fine particles of iron, machinery such as de-ironers, magnetic pulleys, box-type magnetic drums, and magnetic grates are employed. These tools meticulously comb through the waste, successfully extracting ferrous metals, leaving you with cleaner raw materials.




To separate non-ferrous metal contaminants from plastic fragments, Eddy current separators are the go-to choice.

Whether it is aluminum rings or caps, or even tiny aluminum shards ground down to 2mm, Eddy Current Separators effectively sieve them out, ensuring top-quality output.









The mininum particle size 1mm could be also separated by the new model.


For ferrous metals exhibiting weak magnetism, such as stainless steel springs and fragments of 302-grade low-magnetic stainless steel, the recycling process utilizes powerful magnetic selection techniques.

The operation involving high-strength magnet three-stage strong selection ensures the successful separation of these metals, ensuring higher quality reclaimed plastics.



By EJET MAGNET integration of these four technologically advanced systems.

we fouce on the meticulous magnetic metal separate process used to ensure the absolute removal of metal impurities in recycled plastics, ultimately leading to a cleaner, purtiy PET flake.


The equipment list provided above paints a comprehensive picture of a standard process for eliminating metal impurities during plastic recycling.

Since different customers have varying production capacity and processing requirements, the metal removal system plans must be custom designed.


Why should you choose EJET magnet?

We have collaborated with numerous plastic recycling giants, both within China and internationally.

We have facilitated decontamination systems for clients like BORETECH and CEVILLE in China, and our presence can be seen on plastic recycling sites in Korea, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States.


Beyond our top-notch equipment, we're dedicated to providing the best customer service:

1. We offer 12 months of free maintenance charges.
2. Consumable parts are provided at an agency price.
3. We provide 24/7 online service and free technical support.
4. All machines are pre-adjusted before delivery, and we include an operation disk with every shipment.       Should you have any other queries, we're only a call away.
5.Comprehensive manuals and videos are available for software installation, operation, and maintenance of the machine.

We also dispatch professional technicians to our customers' factories to provide a two-week training program, covering everything from the working principle of the machine, Auto CAD drawing, common difficulties and troubleshooting, and more.


We strive to be your collaborative partner for all your recycling needs.


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